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Daikin Profit Portal

When you work with Daikin Comfort Technologies, you’re working with a strategic manufacturer and distributor that is committed to its dealers. We prove it every day by providing the right products, services, and support you need to grow your business and reap the rewards of success.

Please tell us a little more about your business so we understand the best way to help you, and can send offers and notifications about upcoming training events and promotions.

Your GoGoodman Contractor Support Representative is your go-to guide to taking full advantage of the services and support offered by Daikin Comfort Technologies.

No matter your market position, we can help find solutions that suit your business and style–either maximizing your current profit potential or growing to new levels of success.

Please call if you have any questions on the topics listed above or want to discuss an upcoming job.

GoGoodman Contractor Support


Get What You Need and Get Back to Work


Get the equipment, parts and supplies you need to provide your customers with quality indoor comfort.

Call ahead and pick up at your local Daikin Comfort Technologies branch or skip the line altogether and try our online store at


Expand Your Services and Your Profits


Your customers need a new furnace or air conditioner; but have you explored every comfort option with them?

We can help you navigate equipment solutions and enhanced products that are always worth discussing with your customers.


Own Your Market with the Backing of Daikin


Being a trusted HVAC expert is a full-time job. When you're also responsible for employees' safety and competence, it can get downright stressful.

Daikin partnerships are designed to be a simple way to boost your market reputation, which is directly related to your ability to recruit talent, and to close more deals.


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Username: goodman | Password: dealer

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Continuing Education Connects All the Dots

Whether you're an HVAC weekend warrior, single-truck operation, or large outfit with impressive fleet, none of it matters if you and your crew aren't up to speed on the latest regulations and certifications.

Daikin leads the industry in this area. We offer a vast array of technical training, business workshops, and other events to stay well ahead of the latest HVAC trends—ensuring that your jobs are carried out by a well-equipped and professional team.

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