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Refrigerant Reclamation Program

From Daikin Comfort Technologies

The Refrigerant Race is On...

New environmental regulations are pinching the supply of refrigerants worldwide. Continued phasing out the manufacturing of refrigerants containing HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) will get more aggressive in the coming years. Read More >>


1. Use & Maintenance

End-users and technicians carry out servicing, maintenance & leak detection/repair

2. Recovery & Collection

Technicians recover & collect refrigerant from equipment


3. Consolidation, Storage
& Transport

Servicing companies & distributors collect used refrigerant to be consolidated, temporarily stored for transport to reclaim or destruction facility

4. Reclamation or Destruction

Reclamation facility: Used refrigerants to be purified and labelled for resale.

Destruction facility: Refrigerants not reclaimed to be responsibly destroyed.

5. Distribution & Reuse

Distributors & servicing companies sell reclaimed refrigerant for reuse in the servings of existing equipment.

Refrigerant Lifecycle: Best Practices

Why Reclamation?

As an industry leader, Daikin Comfort Technologies has partnered with EPA certified reclaimers which ensures refrigerant is recovered properly and brought back to virgin levels of purity for use in any system. 


This will help supplement the refrigerant supply as the industry prepares for significant shortages and price increases of R410A.

How It Works - One-Stop Shop

You can drop off your recovery tanks while you are at your local Daikin Comfort Technologies Branch.


We will give you instant credit for the gas (in certain markets) and a clean, empty recovery tank at no charge.

Branch Locator
American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act

Congress enacted the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act on December 27, 2020. The AIM Act directs the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to phase down production and consumption[1] of HFCs to 15% of their baseline levels in a stepwise manner by 2036 through an allowance allocation and trading program. READ MORE >>

Key Dates for the HFC Phasedown, which will limit the production of refrigerants:

What is the AIM Act?
Phasedown Schedule

See your local regional team (TSM, CSRs, etc.) for details on local incentive programs & promotions.

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