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Did you know?

The ductless heat pump market is expected to grow at a

annual rate

from 2023 to 2032, driven by the increasing focus on renewable technologies for residential and commercial heating and cooling needs.*

Discover Ductless:
Versatility, Efficiency, & Profitability

It's easy to understand why ductless solutions are growing so rapidly in popularity. They quickly provide comfort that’s long-lasting and efficient. Suitable for nearly any home or commercial building, they work independently from existing ventilation systems, saving energy and the need for expensive remodeling efforts.

Non-intrusive, highly effective, and energy efficient, going ductless means finding a total solution for even the most demanding requirements.

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We Can Help!

Talk with your Contractor Service Representative to quote your next ductless job.

At Daikin Comfort Technologies, we’re committed to providing you with the widest range of quality inventory—helping you land top-dollar ductless jobs. Increase your profits and bring comfort to your customers: with ductless, everyone’s happy.

Ductless Sales
Land ductless install jobs that will fit any customer's needs.

You can offer ductless units for:

  • Renovations of old homes and buildings

  • Sunroom heating and cooling

  • Garage units

  • Hot and cold spots

  • Home add-ons

  • Attics and basements

  • Condos

Easy Installation

Fast and painless install for you, so customers are quickly content

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Flexible Compatibility

Works in almost any building, without a ventilation system

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High Profitability

In high demand for many jobs, giving you the chance to earn big

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Energy Efficiency

Independently functioning, saving energy from the get-go 

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Quiet Comfort

Designed for silence, never interrupting peace nor productivity

Ductless Training
Learn, so you can earn.

Need help?
Talk with your Contractor Service Representative to quote your next ductless job.

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