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Daikin Comfort Technologies + MMC Partnership

Thank you for your continued support with the MMC program. Modern Marketing & Commerce, LLC. is here to support you and your small-to-medium contractor customer base.

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What does MMC Support?

Customer Appreciation Days

MMC is ready to support CADs quickly and efficiently to our entire customer base via email–driving foot traffic to the branches.

eCommerce & DealerFirst Registrations

Part of MMC’s strategic initiative is to get more small and medium contracting business to use regularly, as well as leveraging the DealerFirst reward incentives.


Reclaiming Lost Customers (Winback)

Part of MMC’s managed list of records includes many lost customers that have not made a purchase in more than a year. This is a specific effort and heavily incentivized messaging sequence designed to win back these prospects.

Targeted Offers

MMC’s analytic models recommend offers based on a customers’ previous sales history and engagement with communication channels.

Ongoing Value, Support, Promotional, and Product Messaging

Goodman, Daikin, and their partners provide contractors with a number of services and support mechanisms to grow their business. MMC promotes these topics while trying to foster strong relationships with their inside sales rep. We also do outreach on featured or new products as well as training and events.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly for any issues or questions. Let us know if you have ideas, would like more information on our program, or have any questions on opportunities our team might send to your location as we find them.



Modern Marketing and Commerce, LLC.

Program Manager - Goodman

Modern Marketing and Commerce-400x160.png
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